We’ve got an update for you message in Windows 10


Windows 10 keeps getting changes and throwing up new messages. Here is one I came across recently – We’ve got an update for you. The options available to me were Restart now – This would restart the PC and install the update right away; Another time would mean I would be reminded again. The third button said OK would mean that you agree that the OS would be updated at the scheduled time. The message may lock up your screen, and you have to click one of the buttons.

We’ve got an update for you

We've got an update for you

We’ve got the newest Windows feature update for you

Some are seeing a variation of this with the message going as – We’ve got the newest Windows feature update for you ready to install.

If you are wondering if this is a legitimate message, then yes. Microsoft is offering to upgrade your Windows 10 version with the latest available feature update

Windows is a Service, and so twice a year, Microsoft plans to offer you new feature updates along with other performance updates & fixes.

If you see this message, you need to decide if you are ready to update your PC right away or carry out the upgrade some other time. Accordingly, click the relevant button. If you select the OK button, Windows will be updated as per the scheduled time mentioned there.

Hope this small post clarifies your doubts.