What is a KDC file? How to view and edit a KDC file in Windows 11?

In this guide, we are going to discuss what is a KDC file and how you can view and edit it on Windows 11/10. KDC is a raw image format that stored graphics and related information in a minimally processed data format captured by a camera. Now, if you have a KDC image and you want to view it or make modifications to it on a Windows PC, you will need to use a tool that supports the format. To help you out, we have shared a list of free tools that allow you to open and modify KDC images. So, without much ado, let us check out!

What is a KDC file?

A KDC file is a Kodak Digital Camera Raw Image File. The images captured by Kodak digital cameras, such as Kodak DC40, Kodak DC50, Kodak DC120, etc., are saved with the KDC file extension. Just like any raw image, it can be viewed or edited with Kodak software or third-party applications that support raw images including KDC. You can find some nice free software in this post that let you open a KDC file.

How to edit a KDC file in Windows 11?

To edit a KDC file, you can use free software. There are multiple free software using which you can view and edit a KDC image on Windows 11/10 PC. Here are some free software that you can use:

  1. Chasys Draw IES.
  2. digiKam
  3. IrfanView
  4. PhotoPad Photo Editor
  5. RawTherapee
  6. Able RAWer

1] Chasys Draw IES

Chasys Draw IES is a popular graphics processing suite that lets you view and edit KDC images. Using it, you can also view and edit many more raw images including ARW, DNG, SRF, CR3, RAW, and more. It provides separate applications that include Chasys Draw IES Viewer, Chasys Draw IES Artist, and Chasys Draw IES Converter. To view as well as edit KDC files, you can use Chasys Draw IES Artist. However, if you simply want to view raw and other images saved on your PC, you can use Chasys Draw IES Viewer.

Using its Chasys Draw IES Artist, you can modify a KDC image using various editing tools. You can resize, rotate, flip, mirror, and use some other transformation tools. Besides that, it also lets you add text to images, apply filters and effects, watermark your image, and more. It also offers you various drawing tools to draw over KDC images such as brush, pencil, magic wand, sharpen, smoother, eraser, snip, crop, shape, text, pen and path, etc. If you want to add multiple layers to the image, you can easily manage and edit the layers using related options.

When you are done editing a KDC image, you can save it in various popular formats including JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, and more.

Overall, it is a complete package that you can use to view and edit raw images including KDC. It also lets you create animated cursors, static cursors, GIF animations, stack photos, and more. Download it from here.

2] digiKam

digiKam is a raw image viewer and editor that lets you view and modify KDC images in Windows 11/10. You can simply open a KDC image to it and then edit or convert the images using available tools. It provides various standard as well as advanced photo editing features using which you can modify your images.

You can use transformation tools to resize, crop, rotate, mirror, and flip a KDC image. It also contains a set of Color Correction, Color Enhancement, and Effects & Filters that you can use to further enhance the look & feel of the input image. With the help of these tools, you can modify an image’s color profile, blur an image, sharpen the image, and do much more.

It also lets you view the metadata of a KDC image. After you are done modifying the image, it can be saved in one of the supported output formats such as PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, etc.

digiKam is a great photo management software that lets you view and edit raw images including KDC images. Apart from KDC, it supports a lot more other raw images including ARW, PW2, DNG, MEF, DC2, NEF, CR2, BMQ, TIF, BAY, SRF, CS1, SRW, MDC, PDC, NRW, PEF, ORF, KC2, MRW, SR2, MOS, and STI.

3] IrfanView

IrfanView is a popular images viewer and editor software for Windows 11/10. Using it, you can also process raw images like KDC. However, to view or edit raw images, you will have to download and install an additional plugin that you can download from its official website. After downloading IrfanView Plugin, simply run the installer to install it. You can then start viewing or editing raw images in it.

Like a photo editor, it provides quite a number of tools that you can use. You can find transformation, color correction, color profile changes, effects and filters, and many more tools to enhance your KDC images. Using available tools, you can crop images, rotate images, flip images, insert text to images, change color images’ color depth, add effects, swap colors, and do much more.

You can later convert the edited KDC image to some common formats like PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, etc.

This software can also handle other raw images like ARW, MOS, NEF, SRW, TIF, STI, PW2, KC2, MRW, BAY, SRF, MDC, DNG, CR2, ORF, PEF, PDC, MEF, SR2, NRW, DC2, BMQ, CS1, etc.

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4] PhotoPad Photo Editor

Another good software to view and edit KDC images is PhotoPad Photo Editor. It is a great image viewer and editor using which you can open a variety of image files. You get a good collection of image editing tools in it with which you can perform several editing actions.

It provides you with handy image editing options like resize, crop, rotate, flip, set DPI, remove red-eye, clone stamp, modify light, change color, sharpen, blur, reduce colors, add effects, retouch image, and more. You can also add some effects and filters to change the look & feel of the image. The edited KDC image can be saved in formats like PNG, BMP, GIF, JPG, and more.

The process of editing a KDC image is very simple in it. You can simply import the source KDC image and then use the available tools present in different tabs to edit the image. It also provides some additional tools like creating screenshots, using your webcam to capture images, etc.

This software is free for non-commercial use only. To use it for commercial purposes, you will have to purchase a license.

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5] RawTherapee

RawTherapee, as the name suggests, is a dedicated free raw image viewer and editor software using which you can open KDC images. It comes with a built-in file browser to load your images and edit them.

The tools that you get in it include Shadow/Highlight adjustments, Exposure adjustments, Tone Mapping, Retinex, Sharpening, Contrast, Noise Reduction, Vignette Filter, Graduated Filter, White balance, Vibrance, Color Toning, Wavelet toning, Channel Mixer, HSV Equalizer, Touchup, Crop, Resize, Demosaic, Chromatic Aberrations, and more. You can also transform your images and make color modifications.

You can get it from

6] Able RAWer

One more software that you can use to view and edit KDC images on your PC is Able RAWer. It is a nice raw image editor that can handle a wide number of raw image formats including CR2, CRW, NEF, PEF, PEF, SR2, ARW, and RAF.

It offers a lot of nice editing tools. These tools let you edit the brightness or contrast of an image, sharpen an image, rotate/resize/crop an image, and more. You can also add effects to a KDC image such as soft shadow, wave, lens, negative, etc. After editing KDC images, you can convert them to GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP, PGM, PBM, JPGç and other supported output formatsş

İf you want to use it, you can download it from here.

How do I convert KDC to JPG?

To convert a KDC image to JPG, you can use free software like IrfanView, digiKam, or PhotoPad Photo Editor. These software let you open and view KDC images, edit them, and then convert them to JPG and other popular formats. There are some more free software that let you convert KDC to JPG. You can check them out above in this post.

How do I view RAW files?

To view RAW files on a Windows PC, you can use a free desktop application that supports raw image files. Some software that let you view RAW KDC files include IrfanView, RawTherapee, and PhotoPad Photo Editor. You can also use Raw Image Extension from Microsoft to view KDC images in the Microsoft Photos app. We have shared a list of free software using which you can view KDC files. You can check them out above in this article.

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