What is a Roku TV? What you need to know about TVs with Roku built-in

Smart TVs are ubiquitous these days, and while big brands like Samsung and Sony occupy significant market share, other options exist. Roku might be known for its streaming adapters, but it also has smart TVs. Here’s a rundown of what a Roku TV is and the models available.

What is a Roku TV?

A product shot of a 2022 TCL Class 5 Roku TV.

To put it simply, a Roku TV is like any other smart TV, meaning it’s a TV that lets you use internet streaming services, apps, and other features, such as voice controls, without having to use any external devices. Roku licenses other manufacturers to make Roku TVs, including Onn, Sharp, RCA, Hisense, and others. What sets Roku TVs apart from other brands is that they run Roku OS. The OS is what makes it possible to use those apps, streaming services, voice controls, and more.

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