What is “Microsoft Update Health Tools”? And Is It Legit At All?

While I was cleaning up some programs installed on my computer, I noticed this Microsoft Update Health Tools somehow magically showed up on the installed program list here:

The name sounds legit but is it really? What is it anyway?

According to AskVG, the “Microsoft Update Health Tools” program is installed by one of Windows updates, KB4023057 more specifically. It’s a reliability improvement to Windows Update Service components in Windows version from 1507, all the way to 20H2. It’s an update that makes sure updates are installed seamlessly on your devices. So it’s kind of important.

One thing to notice is that this update wouldn’t be installed via WSUS. What it means is that if you are in a network environment where updates are only delivered via WSUS, you wouldn’t be seeing this Windows Update Health Tools on your computer.

So, all in all, it’s completely legit and rest can be assured.

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