What Is Windows 10 Signature Edition?


A user recently asked if there is a new edition called Windows 10 Signature and if yes, how different it is from the regular Windows 10 editions.

Most PC users are familiar with Windows 10 S, Home, Professional and Enterprise editions. But what is Windows 10 Signature edition?

What is Windows 10 signature edition

What is Windows 10 Signature edition?

Well, Windows 10 Signature editions are regular Windows 10 editions but don’t come with added toolbars and trialware that OEMs usually pre-install on their PCs.

Some PC manufacturers are already shipping their PCs with Windows 10 Signature edition. Lenovo, for instance, pre-installs Windows 10 Pro Signature edition on some of its ThinkPad series laptops.

What is Windows 10 signature edition01

Usually, new PCs ship with plenty of crapware that you didn’t ask for. These trialware not only push you to buy a license by showing annoying notifications and banners but also slow down your PC by running in the background. For instance, most PC manufacturers include 30-day trial copy of security software. Some manufacturers also include trial copy of games.

PC manufacturers include bloatware to reduce the overall cost to them and keep PCs price low. Software developers pay PC manufacturers to bundle their software with PCs.

PCs that ship with Windows 10 Signature edition are clean and don’t include any additional software. This means that you will get to experience the pure Windows 10. Apart from this, there is no difference between a signature edition and regular edition of Windows 10. So, if a manufacturer is offering PC with Windows 10 Signature edition, it would be wise to go for it even if costs a little more.

According to Microsoft, PCs running signature edition Windows 10 have better battery life thanks to the clean Windows.

Needless to say, Windows 10 Signature edition PCs boot faster to the desktop as there won’t be any bloatware loading with Windows 10.

In short, Windows 10 Signature editions are nothing but the regular Windows 10 editions. It’s just that these PCs running Signature edition will not come with extra software that you don’t use.

What if you don’t have a signature edition PC or Windows 10?

If you cannot afford signature edition PC or have already bought a PC with full of junkware, we advise you to perform a clean install Windows 10 by downloading a fresh copy of Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft.

After performing a clean install of Windows 10, you can download and install all the drivers from your PC manufacturer’s website. Reinstalling Windows 10 or performing a clean install of Windows 10 will have no impact on the activation status as long as you are installing the same edition of Windows 10. Refer to our activating Windows 10 after a clean install and reinstalling Windows 10 without losing activation guides for more details.