What To Expect From The New Samsung QLED 4K HDR TV And Xbox One X Union?


In our assorted reviews of Samsung’s excellent 4K TVs throughout the last couple of years, one thing we’ve frequently noticed and mentioned is how good these particular models are for console gameplay support. In fact, at least since 2016, Samsung has probably been the company with the most consistent track record of excellent console gaming connectivity in all of its 4K TV releases across the board, from priciest ultra-premium TVs right down to cheapest budget models.

This characteristic has applied just as well if not better than ever in Samsung’s 2017 QLED television models, which not only deliver the same excellent low levels of input lag and support for different resolutions, color formats and high dynamic range but also display HDR or 4K-capable Xbox One games with a sharpness and vibrancy that’s pretty much unmatched by any previous Samsung television. Combining these particular HDR TVs with the exceptionally powerful and HDR-friendly Xbox One X console that’s coming on November 7th would very probably create a console gaming combo that few gamers could resist being impressed by.

Xbox One X 4K game console

This is also why Samsung and Microsoft are now teaming up to underscore exactly this point and doing their best to tout the sort of jaw-dropping performance that Xbox and console fans in general could expect if they combine a Samsung QLED television with the Xbox One X, the most powerful and versatile game console yet created by any company. The main way in which the two companies are doing this is by setting up a series of demos across stores in the U.S in which consumers will be able to see a live combination of Xbox One X console and Samsung QLED 4K HDR TV paired together and in full 4K high dynamic range gaming action with their own eyes.

According to Eddie Combs, VP of Marketing for Samsung Electronics America:

“The arrival of true 4K UHD gameplay on Xbox One X this Fall gives gamers the perfect reason to upgrade their television. If gamers are looking for a TV that delivers premium 4K HDR picture quality with industry leading design and smart functionality, then the QLED TV and Xbox One X are an unbeatable 4K gaming combination.”

The message couldn’t be clearer: if you want the best possible display for that Xbox One X you’re planning on buying, QLED 4K TVs are the way to go.

To further hammer home this point, we have Microsoft’s Xbox marketing executives chipping in as well with the following from Mike Nichols, Corporate VP and Chief Marketing Office for Xbox:

“Xbox One X will bring true 4K gaming to console players for the first time with 40 percent more power than any other console. Samsung’s QLED 4K TV is our favorite way to play Xbox One X, and we’re thrilled to join forces with Samsung in the U.S. to deliver immersive 4K gaming experiences to our fans.”

Samsung's QLED TVs promise, and deliver, fantastic HDR color display performance

Samsung’s QLED TVs promise, and deliver, fantastic HDR color display performance

To be fair and honest, based on our reviews of Samsung’s Q7F and Q9F QLED televisions in particular, we have to largely agree with these executive’s assessments. All newer 4K televisions from any major brand come with HDR technology and would deliver some excellent visuals with the Xbox One X but the Samsung QLED TVs have so far been the most consistently good performers on how well they handle input lag and in their support for multiple 4K and 1080p resolution formats with highly varied color sampling and HDR combinations. They also sport some of the absolute best wide color gamut performance we’ve yet seen in any TVs, combined with the usual premium Samsung features of superb black levels, excellent contrast and fantastic motion handling (for any type of content in general).

On the other hand, the QLEDs are definitely not cheap and this does spoil their value to some extent when you compare them to also excellent competitor 4K TVs. The Xbox One X is also going to be very pricey at $500 upon release but at least it doesn’t really have any comparable competitors. However you as a consumer view the idea of spending a fair bit of money on a QLED TV/Xbox One X combination, at least the performance promises being made for these two highly premium devices are something we have a very easy time believing.

Story by 4k.com