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What’s New In Viber Version 6.5 Update: Instant Video Messages, Chat Extensions, New Look Emojis

In its version 6.5 update released Tuesday, messaging app Viber introduced three new features: video messages, chat extensions and redesigned emojis.

The instant video messages can be recorded from within the chat window. Users need to swipe the voice message button to reach the video recording button. Pressing and holding it down, the same way they use the voice message button, will allow them to record video messages up to 30 seconds long. The videos will appear circular.

Viber Instant Videos _ Recording You can record video messages up to 30 seconds long.

Chat extensions provide access to third-party services, and the version launched Tuesday supports Giphy, Wikipedia and TheMovieDB. To access them, tap “@” and choose the service name, and then search for whatever you want. Also, typing “@stickers” will allow users to choose from Viber’s sticker collection. Just tapping “@” will also allow for a quick search of frequently used stickers.

Viber Chat Extensions Giphy

The app now provides support for third-party services such as Giphy.

All the emojis in the app have also been redesigned, with the images now standing out more.

Michael Shmilov, chief operations officer of Viber, said in a statement to International Business Times: “Instant video messages give users a simple and personal way to chat, and with the addition of chat extensions, our users will be able to access a wide variety of external services that will enrich their experience on Viber even further. We look forward to adding support for even more 3rd party services and are excited to hear from the developer community about connecting their products with Viber.”

The update, available for both Android and iOS, will help the app compete better with other services such as Facebook, Skype, Snapchat and WhatsApp, all of which offer these options in one combination or another.


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