WhatsApp rolls out new updates to polls and sharing with captions

WhatsApp has added new updates to its polls and sharing with caption features. These updates will allow users to share media with captions and limit poll responses to a single vote.

Here’s are all the new features coming to WhatsApp:

WhatsApp Polls updates

WhatsApp has released three new updates to its Poll feature.

Single vote Poll


Source: WhatsApp

Under the updated feature, users can limit poll responses to a single answer only. Currently, the Poll feature in WhatsApp allows multiple responses by default, which creates confusion and compromises the accuracy of polls.

Search for Poll


Source: WhatsApp

Users can now search for polls on their chat list through the search option on WhatsApp just like they search for photos and videos on their chat list. To search for polls on your WhatsApp, tap on the search option (represented by a magnifying glass) then from the available options, choose Polls to view all the polls in your chat list.

Poll notification

WhatsApp will now notify poll creators when participants vote on their polls. Creators will also receive notifications when participants update their responses. Further, notification will show how many people have voted in total to help keep them updated on responses.

However, Poll notification currently does not differentiate between a fresh response and an updated response, creating a bit of confusion.

WhatsApp media sharing with caption

Forwarding with captions


Source: WhatsApp

Under the new updates, users have the option to keep, delete or re-write captions to add extra information while forwarding media such as photos and videos.

Earlier, users can add captions to media while sharing. However, those captions were not forwarded while forwarding the media.

Share documents with captions


Source: WhatsApp

Users can now add captions to documents they share on WhatsApp just like they share images or videos with captions. However, users cannot forward these captions while forwarding the documents. It is possible that WhatsApp rolls out this functionality in the next update.

It is worth noting that the updates have started rolling out globally and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks. These updates are for both- Android and iOS users.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp recently released a new feature on its platform that allows users to access their WhatsApp accounts on up to four smartphones. Earlier, the feature enabled users to link their WhatsApp accounts to up to four companion devices including their personal computers and tablets. But now the company has rolled out an update that enables users to use the same WhatsApp account on up to four smartphones.

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