WhatsApp stops working on vacation mode feature

WhatsApp tests numerous features with its beta users before publicly rolling them out. But it’s not necessary that all the features get the approval for public release. And this week, one feature seems to have been discarded by the company called vacation mode. We had first about its existence in 2018, so it has already taken a long time to test the feature.

The update about this feature was shared by reliable tipster WABetainfo. This week, he confirmed that vacation mode is unlikely to release for users. “The development has been abandoned,” it said in this tweet. So, what does this feature do? When activated, it will mute all chats and archive them when a new message arrives. If you want to check who all pinged you, a separate preview message notification option will be there too.

And it seems WhatsApp has bigger fishes to fry right now. So, discarding a feature not adding value for the user seems like the best way forward. One of them is the ability to use one WhatsApp account on multiple devices.

WhatsApp support for multiple devices

This feature is eagerly awaited in the circuit, and understandably, the company wants to fix all the bugs before its release. The same source has suggested the feature will allow the conversation history to be transferred from one device to another via a Wi-Fi network.

The methodology is simple. So, when a person logs in with their account on a new device, WhatsApp will initiate the transfer of conversations from the original device. This way, the chat history will always be in sync without having to store conversations on an external server, similar to Telegram.

As for the security, WhatsApp will change the encryption keys every time the user logs in or out of a new device. As per the cited source, up to four different devices can be linked with each account.

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