WhatsApp’s ‘Linked Devices’ feature may be coming soon


WhatsApp has been working on multi-device support for the last few months, it seems that the Facebook-owned company is quite close to releasing the feature, according to WABetainfo website.

Called ‘Linked Devices,’ the feature will allow you to link your WhatsApp account to multiple devices (up to 4) and use it simultaneously. Notably, your main phone doesn’t have to stay connected to let you access WhatsApp from a different device. In other words, you’ll be able to access WhatsApp on your PC without having to turn on the data on your main phone; you don’t have to switch on your main phone either.

According to WABetainfo, although the most important features related to the multi-device support are ready, this is still a work in progress. Though, the website also claims that the next plan of the company will be to release the feature to beta testers.

If you’re a beta tester, you’ll have to opt-in to access the feature. But once enrolled, all your previous sessions will immediately be closed. Needless to say, you’ll have to log-in all over again.

However, the tipster didn’t give us any details about when exactly the feature will be live for beta testers, but since WhatsApp’s next plan includes releasing the feature to beta testers, it safe to assume that we may not have to wait longer to get a taste of the feature.

via AndroidAuthority