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WhatsInStartup helps you control what programs run at Windows boot


Most of us keep complaining about how sluggish Windows 10 is when it comes to starting up but fail to realize that it’s under our control to speed up the process. Often the bootup process is delayed due to a load of applications that run during the startup and no amount of cache or temporary file cleaning will help. Another thing is that most of the Windows users are not aware of what programs run in the background and also on startup.

Control what programs run at Windows boot

Control what programs run at Windows boo

We have seen many utilities that give users an option to disable startup programs that run on Windows startup however WhatIN Startup is one of the few utility that is built solely for this purpose and as a result bakes in quite a lot of features. The program can be run easily and is pretty light on the resources.

WhatIN Startup
The utility displays all the applications that are loaded automatically during the boot process and along with that it also displays the following information, Startup Type, Command-line String, Product Name, File Version, Company Name, Location in the registry.

Needless to say, the program will also let you delete and disable unwanted programs in the Windows startup and the best part is that this utility can also be used on an external drive, in case you want to check the startup programs on other PC’s as well.


Best Features

We all know what Startup utility programs do but here are some of the best features of WhastIN Startup that will help you understand the need for this software. The best part is that WhatsINStartup doesn’t need a dedicated installation and you can simply run the executable in order to start the program. Once started the WhatsInStartup displays the list of program that is loaded during the startup and you can also disable them by selecting and pressing F7 and also delete them (Ctrl+Delete).

Permanent Disabling

This is one of the best features has been longing for, most of the programs find a way to get back into the registry and despite disabling them for the first time they keep cropping up on the startup list and during all this, the program doesn’t ask for users permission. WhatsInStartup keeps on continuously monitoring the startup lists in the Registry and in the file system. In case a disabled program is once again added to the list WhasInStartup will automatically detect the change and disable it again. All of this is carried out without the need for human interference and users can whitelist the programs as and when they require.

WhatsINStatuup External Drive Support

In some cases, the operating system suffers from booting problems and it is here that the external drive support will come into play. To use this feature one needs to go to Options > Advanced > Load the startup items from external instance of Windows and mention the Windows directory and folders. If you prefer connecting the external drive from the command-line you can do so by using an external command-line option.

Overall WhatsINStartup is a handy tool to control what should and shouldn’t crop up on the Windows startup list. Also, the permanent disabling is a great feature that will take care of disabled programs creeping back into the registry and adding themselves to the whitelist. Another important observation is that the program is light as compared to its contenders and doesn’t burden the CPU by guzzling power.

WhatIN Startup free download

You can download WhatIN Startup from here.


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