Windows 10 App reveals capabilities of HP’s Elite Wireless Earbuds

With the increase in video conferencing, many people are simply using their wireless earbuds from their phone with their PC, but HP saw a gap for truly wireless earbuds specifically for the PC.

At CES 2021, HP announced the new HP Elite Wireless Earbuds. HP Elite Wireless Earbuds come with personalized audio tuning, adjustable noise cancellation, and sound situation presets. You can also seamlessly switch from a conference call on a PC to listening to music on a phone via the simple Windows 10, iOS, or Android app.

HP Elite Wireless Earbuds

That app has now shown up in the Microsoft Store, courtesy of WalkingCat, giving us a look at the capabilities of the app.


The app will minimise to your taskbar, and show the charge level of each bud. The app will be able to measure your hearing profile, and have presets for various environments such as home, travel, coffee shop etc, and have Active Noise Cancellation which can be tuned to block specific types of noise such as ambient sounds, noise, speech etc. It seems users will also be able to set up directional audio.

The personalize hearing tests seems to be somewhat sophisticated and will measure your hearing at multiple frequency levels. HP recommend the test be repeated every 6 months, as your hearing is likely to change over time.

Premium foam and silicon tips deliver hours of comfort while a sleek design and USB-C charging case is convenient to use. The battery life of these Earbuds is also decent. Using the Fast-charging earbud case, with 15min charge, you can enjoy 1.5hrs of use, and in 120 minutes you can expect full charge. Users will also be able to use the app to update the firmware of the earbuds.

I think our readers will agree it is nice to have a device were Windows support is not an afterthought but the main point of the device.

HP Elite Wireless Earbuds are expected to be available only in April and they will cost $199. The Elite Wireless Earbuds will be available for purchase as a bundle option with the Elite Dragonfly Max or you can also buy it separately.

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