Windows 10 Mobile will remain on Feature2 indefinitely, no Night Light planned

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Enjoying the current Windows 10 Mobile builds? Good, apparently we’ll be stuck there for a while.

In the Windows Insider’s monthly webcast (via Neowin), Microsoft addressed the question of Windows 10 and feature2. While feature2 was initially thought to be a temporary branch for Windows Mobile, is turning out to be its resting place. In the same vein, Night Light was also revealed to not be on the roadmap for Windows 10 Mobile at this time.That could change, but it’s unlikely. Much like Windows Phone 7.8, feature2 updates don’t appear to be bringing any new features to the OS, simply bug fixes and copyright date updates.

Microsoft is allegedly rebooting Windows 10 Mobile once more with a new operating system which will bring a new user experience to future mobile devices – should the firm so choose. While it was not entirely clear whether Microsoft would be bringing this new software build to older devices in the past, it appears that Windows 10 Mobile as it is now may have reached the end of the line.