Windows 10 New Feature: Tracking GPU Usage Performance

GPU, Graphic Process Unit, has become a very important part of our computer as more and more things we do on our computer involves manipulating computer graphics and image process, things like streaming videos and editing photos we took during our trip. So, it’s so nice seeing GPU info is finally included in Task Manager in Windows 10 build 16226. Kudos to Microsoft for listening to users feedback and adding this feature for upcoming Windows 10 Falls Creators Update.

The Performance tab in Task Manage now shows GPU utilization information for each separate GPU component as well as GPU memory usage stats for both dedicated and shared GPU memory.

By default, the graph displays in Single engine mode by default. You can also change to a different display mode by right-clicking the graph area and choose Change graph to from Single engine to Multiple engines.

And it will look like this:

Not only that, the Processes tab also has two columns added for GPU utilization information for each process. You can expand each app to discover each process usage if there are multiple processes running under the same app.

The feature is relatively new and still in beta in Windows so it’s expected seeing bugs or issues here and there. But it will get better and will be ready when the Fall Creators Update gets released later this year.