Windows 10 Quick Tip: How To Change the Default Search Engine on Edge’s New Tab Page

Microsoft’s new Edge browser has quickly won me over ever since it’s switched to Chromium codebase. The default new tab page is astonishingly pleasant to see every time I hit that little plus button to open it. It’s well structured with weather info, a search box, pinned sites along with most frequently used sites, and the beautiful background Bing image that changes daily.

The only problem is that the default search box on that new tab page is Bing, regardless of what default search engine is set to the browser. Google is still my default search engine, but if I start the search with the search box in the new tab page, it uses Bing instead.

Here is a quick setting that you can do to change it.

Head over to Edge’s Settings page at edge://settings, and go to Privacy, search, and services, then Address bar and search at the very bottom of the page.

Then, change the Search on new tabs to Address bar, instead of Search box.

Now, once it’s changed, you will no longer see the little blue Bing icon in the Search box in the new tab page.

And when you start typing your query in the search box, it redirects to the address bar right away, which then uses my default search engine to search the internet, rather than always using Bing.

If you are in a corporate environment, you can push out the setting to all your computers via Group Policy as well.

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Microsoft Edge > Default search provider

The setting in question is called Configure the new tab page search box experience.

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