Windows 10 Quick Tips – Login Screen



Login Screen

The Windows 10 Login Screen is the first thing we see when firing up Windows. It displays a generally beautiful image. Even a beautiful image, when seen over and over again, can become boring. How about we change it up a bit? You can change the image as a one-off affair, or set it to cycle through several images for a unique experience each time you boot your computer.

This is super easy to accomplish and this week’s Quick Tips article will show you how using a few simple steps…

How To Change The Login Screen Background

  1. Use the WinKey + I hotkey to open the Settings App
  2. Choose Personalization
  3. Choose Lock screen

That should bring you here:


4. In the drop-down menu labeled Background, click either Picture, or Slideshow.

  • If you choose Picture, you will be shown a few images to choose from. You may also pick another image on your computer by clicking the Browse button.
  • If you choose Slideshow, you will be offered yet another choice of Pictures, or Adding a particular folder.


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