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Windows 10 Tip: How To Move System Tray to the Second Display

Since Windows 8, taskbar can be shown on all screens you have installed on your system. You even have options to choice how the buttons get to display on the taskbar, All taskbars, Main taskbar and taskbar where the window is open, or Taskbar where the window is open.


But there is only one System Tray available across all screens. And it’s only available on the main screen by default.

Here is how you can move System Tray from one screen to another without changing the main display.

1. Right-click taskbar and make sure the option Lock all taskbars is not checked.


2. Drag the taskbar on the main screen and drop it on the screen where you want to show the System Tray.

And that’s about it. The System Tray will now appear only on the second display while the taskbar on the main display will only show the cloud.


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