Windows 10 Tip: What’s Mini View in Movies & TV App and How To Use it

Windows 10 Creators Update has a new feature called Mini View that lets you keep an ever-present small window on top of what you are doing. You can keep working on your main task while keeping an eye on what’s happening in that mini-window at the same time, whether it’s a show you are binge watching or a conversation you are carrying on in Skype. It works exactly like the picture-in-picture feature you’ve been using on your TV set.

How to use Mini View

Mini View in Windows 10 is only available in Movies & TV and SkyPe Preview apps for the moment. Open a movie or a TV episode in Movies & TV app and look at the control bar at the bottom of the app. The Mini mode button is located at the bottom right corner next to the new 360° mode and the full-screen mode. It looks like a picture frame inside a rectangle, indicating a picture-in-picture mode is in place.

Clicking on the button to enable the Mini mode that shrinks the current Movies & TV app window to a mini-window at the top right corner of the screen.

Within the mini mode, you can still play/pause a video that’s playing. The control buttons appear in the middle of the mini window when you hover your mouse over it.

You can also resize the window to make a size that is suitable for your workspace or drag it around to reposition it in a different corner.

To exit the Mini mode, click the Mini button in the mini window to return to the normal Movies & TV app window.

The Mini View feature seems to be a nice add-on feature to have. It still works a bit choppy in my Windows 10, but I hope it will work better and can be expanded to other apps as well.


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