Windows 11 beta channel build fixes annoying bugs with uninstalling apps

The latest Windows 11 beta channel release fixes a bug related to uninstalling apps.

Windows 11 hero page

Microsoft is starting the week with a fresh Windows 11 release to the Windows Insider Beta channel. There's not much that's new in this week's releases across the two branches of the beta channel with new features rolling out (build 22624.1755) and new features off by default (build 22621.1755). It's mainly bug fixes this week, especially one on build 22624.1755 relating to the settings app crashing.

Build 22624.1755

Starting first with build 22624.1755, there are only two fixes that Microsoft is noting this week. The Settings app should no longer crash when attempting to uninstall an app while using grid view. In addition, Microsoft fixed an issue where the Pinyin IME’s insert text button wasn’t displaying correctly in some cases.

Build 22621.1755 & Build 22624.1755

Next, in both Build 22621.1755 & Build 22624.1755, there's a single fix relating to the Windows Local Administrator Password Solution. Microsoft says that the've corrected an issue where the Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS) might stop responding. This occurred when the system processes multiple local account operations at the same time. Other changes in this release, including the two known issues for both builds can be seen below.

  • If you have the Bing button in the search box on the taskbar and you restart your computer, you may see the daily rotating search highlight for some time before getting the Bing button back.
  • When you launch the widgets board for the first time, you may see momentarily placeholders of the widgets/feed cards of the old 2-column layout even if your device supports 3-columns.

That's all the action so far this week. Today is also Patch Tuesday, though, which means the regular non-Insider version of Windows 11 got its monthly security update. That patch spices up the Taskbar a bit with animated icons for Widgets.