Windows Firewall Control 5 is out

Windows Firewall Control 5 is the latest version of the popular Windows program that gives you better firewall management options and control.

The program is available as a free, somewhat limited, version, and a version that is unlocked when you make a donation.

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Windows Firewall Control free comes with lots of interesting features that improve Windows Firewall in one way or another. It may block other programs from adding rules to Windows Firewall, makes it easier to add new rules itself, may display invalid or duplicate firewall rules, and options to allow or block connections in the security log.

The donation-ware version adds to that a notifications system that makes things a lot easier. Notifications may be displayed for outbound connections, and it is up to you to decide what to do with those. It supports two main notifications mode: display notifications whenever new connections are made, or enable the program’s learning mode which allows connections for signed executable files, and displays notifications for unsigned ones.

Windows Firewall Control 5

Windows Firewall Control 5

Windows Firewall Control 5.0, or more precisely 5.0.1, is the latest version of the application. The developer released two versions of the program on the same day, with version 5.0.1 of the program fixing an issue in version 5.0.

Note that existing users may need to uninstall the program before they can install the new version. This depends on the version that is installed. Registered users may need to grab a new activation code on the developer website after installation to change the activation status to activated again.

The new version of the program comes with an improved connection log interface. You find the two new options “auto refresh on open” and “auto receive updates” there. The first refreshes the log list automatically when you open the connections log, the second will add the most recent entries to the top of the listing automatically.

firewall connections log

Both options are not enabled by default.

The two other changes are minor in comparison. The first lists the location that Windows Firewall is connected to, e.g. Public, the second added links to the about tab to make things easier there.

Windows Firewall Control 5.0.1 includes several fixes on top of that that resolve issues of earlier program versions.

You can check out the full list of changes on the developer website.

Now You: do you use a firewall program? If so which and why?

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