Windows Repair 4.0 released: repair Windows software

Windows Repair 4.0 is the newest version of the popular repair software for Microsoft Windows that is available as a free and professional version.

The program, which the developers recommend to run in safe mode with networking, is designed to fix numerous issues that Windows users may experience on their Windows machines.

We reviewed one of the first versions of Windows Repair back in 2011. A lot has changed since then.

Windows Repair fixes issues with Windows programs and settings, and advanced issues such as file permission problems.

The application is offered as a portable version and a version that needs to be installed. A Pro version that adds additional features such as running custom scripts or improving performance is available as well.

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Windows Repair 4.0

windows repair

Windows Repair 4.0 groups the repair process to make things easier for users. The three main stages are pre-repair steps, backup tools and repairs – Main. Professional users gain access to advanced repairs and advanced tools on top of that.

The first two steps, pre-repair and backup tools, are designed to eliminate issues that may prevent repairs from being applied successfully, and to create backups for restoration purposes should things turn out wrong.

All of these are optional, but it is recommended to run some of them at the very least. You can check the drive for errors and run a file system integrity check under pre-repair steps for instance, and backup the Registry, and create a system restore point under backup tools.

windows repairs main

The repairs section of Windows Repair lists six options. All of these options will open the list of available repairs, and they differ only in what is preselected when you open the repairs.

The five presets that you find listed on the page — all repairs, common repairs, malware cleanup repairs, permissions only and Windows updates — have certain repairs selected automatically when you make use of them.

Note that you can select these on the page that lists all repairs as well.

all repairs

A total of 33 different repair options — some with sub-options — are listed on the page. This ranges from repairing Internet Explorer and Windows Firewall to fixing file associations and resetting all Windows Services to their default startup states.

The repairs require elevated privileges, and you will notice that additional options are displayed on the screen. Free users may select to restart or shut down the machine after running the repairs.

Pro users get additional options, for instance to run custom scripts as well.

One issue that you may have on this page is that the program does not provide information on the repairs. While some are self-explanatory, repair print spooler for instance repairs printing on the device, others such as restore important Windows services may require further explanation as you don’t really know what they do. Windows Repair ships with a help file, but it does not reveal the information either.

You may create your own presets using the program. This can be useful if you run into issues regularly that are fixed when you run some of the available repair routines that the application ships with.

A log file is created automatically when you run repairs so that you know what is done to the system.

The Pro part of the program comes with several interesting tools. Windows Firewall Cleanup for instance returns firewall rules that are invalid. This is the case for instance when programs are no longer available on the game but have firewall rules associated with them.


Windows Repair 4.0 is a powerful repair tool for Microsoft Windows devices. The program comes with backup options, which is always a good thing, and a large number of fixes that you can run.

The information it presents in the interface and help file are not covering all options and repairs however, and it is sometimes not clear what a particular fix will do because of that. All in all though this is an excellent tool to have.

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