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Windows Spotlight Tool: Save Spotlight Lock Screen images & use them as Wallpapers


Do you know that a vibrant and colorful desktop wallpaper can uplift your mood? If you are an avid computer user, it is very important to have a nice and lively desktop wallpaper and the lock screen image. It is equally important to change the wallpaper from time-to-time to break the monotony. While we have already posted a tutorial on how to save Spotlight Lock Screen images in Windows 10. Today in this post, we will learn about Windows Spotlight Tool which helps you saving all the Spotlight images in one folder and use it when you want as desktop wallpapers.

Windows Spotlight Tool

Windows Spotlight Tool is a nice, simple and free utility which lets you save the Windows Spotlight images in the desired folder and use it afterward when needed.Windows Spotlight Tool

Download the Windows Spotlight Tool and install it. Here you just have to select the path to save the images and click on Export tab. If you want to add the .JPG extension to each image automatically, check the box.



I just finished installing the tool and it took less that a minute to store the images in selected folder. The screenshot shows that the folder has 125 Spotlight images, however, some of these files are black files, while some are the app icons and asset images.spotlight-tool-2

Windows 10 comes with a limited collection of background images for Desktop or Lock Screen. But, Windows Spotlight comes with a huge collection of stunning background images from around the world.

If you have been using the Windows Spotlight feature, you might know that it is not easy to find where the images are stored and use them – and also the desktop wallpaper and lock screen images change randomly. This is where the Windows Spotlight Tool helps you. With this tool installed on your PC, you can save all the images in the desired folder and change your desktop wallpaper and lock screen image whenever you want.

Using a same desktop wallpaper and lock screen image for many days can be boring but then again, we don’t usually want to waste our time in checking the Windows Spotlight images stored somewhere in the hidden folders of your computer system.

Download the Windows Spotlight Tool here and get started.

Incidentally, JpegSync is another a small utility that can automatically copy new Windows Spotlight lock screen images to your personal wallpapers folder. You can download it from GitHub.


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