Wondershare PDFelement 6 Pro is a powerful PDF editor for Windows

Wondershare PDFelement 6 Pro is a powerful PDF editing software for Windows that lets you add text, graphics, digital signatures, etc, and more to your PDF documents.

PDF files are used across all types of jobs. They are a compact, clean and convenient way to organize several pages of data. Whether it is for reading an eBook or compiling important pages of information into a single document, PDF files have made our lives easier. As far as electronic documents go, very few have the same scope of use than the PDF file. Many organizations around the world use PDF files to save and share their compiled data in their day to day lives.

With so much value being brought to our daily lives by these files, we also require tools that enable us to edit them. Simple PDF readers may allow you to view them but if you need to edit PDF files, you need a specific tool for that. While there are plenty of tools out there that do just that, very few can be mentioned as being highly effective and convenient for editing these files. Wondershare has just released the PDFelement 6 Pro and we are going to analyze in this review to see if it’s worthy of being at the top.

While PDF files are incredibly popular all over the world, Microsoft Word files are equally used too. Most users treat PDF files and Word files differently for a number of reasons. Word files are generally easier to edit and save. Wondershare believes that the PDFelement 6 Pro is the answer to that problem. The PDFelement 6 Pro comes with a variety of options that allows you to edit PDF files, no matter what your needs might be. The software can perform numerous operations such as creating, opening, annotating, editing, organizing, sharing and protecting PDF files with a few clicks.

PDFelement 6 Pro review

The latest version of the PDFelement 6 Pro comes from a long line of well-known PDF editor programs. Wondershare has gone on to say that this version will make editing PDFs as easy as editing Word files. Will it make PDF files the king of electronic data documents? The editing is after all one of the main reasons why many people prefer Word to PDF files. Perhaps, will the new version change people’s minds? Let’s find out!


Like most other apps and software from Wondershare, you can download the setup file from their official website. Users can either choose to try the software first or straight out purchase the full version. Once downloaded, you can simply start installing PDFelement 6 Pro. The whole set up takes only a few minutes and there is no need to click endless pop ups like some other programs. The entire process is very simple, smooth and takes very less time.


The new interface is a refreshing, clean and amazingly intuitive. The new version has bigger buttons assembled in a clean and clear cut lay out. The starting page greets us with 6 bold buttons placed in a rectangular format. Once inside the software, it feels very much like the UI of Windows 10 to be honest. When you use the software on a Windows 10 PC, the software looks like an extended UI of the OS itself and that is quite impressive. If you like a more contemporary, clean and minimal design, you will find yourself loving the new interface.

Unique Features


  1. New form recognition allows you to turn any office application created non-fillable form into an editable PDF with a single click.
  2. Ready to use PDF templates allows you to quickly attach the template you like for creating your PDFs.
  3. Edit forms faster and make any fields fillable by adding buttons, check boxes, text fields etc.
  4. Intelligent paragraph recognition technology allows you to add more text to your files without ruining the page layout.
  5. Free text from scans and photos and convert it into editable, searchable and selectable forms by using the Optical Character Recognition feature.
  6. Automatic spelling correction.

Take a look at the full features on the Wondershare website.

Powerful PDF editing software for Windows

PDFelement 6 Pro review

Each file opened in PDFelement 6 Pro opens up in new tabs. Editing can be done either through line mode or paragraph mode. The paragraph editing mode allows you to make changes in a faster yet cleaner manner than ever before. Some of the new technology being used in this version definitely works as editing does seem a lot smoother and easier to do than in previous versions.

When you convert paper documents to the PDF format, the various tables, images and symbols were consistently accurate. PDFelement 6 Pro also recognizes over 23 languages and it becomes a great asset to have especially for companies that do business internationally. The OCR feature available in the Pro version is quite amazing as it retains the original layout, fonts and tables while editing. There were a few inconsistencies that occurred in the spacing of the tables but overall it is a great technology with tremendous potential use.

You can even create PDF files directly from scanners and it comes with the option to create searchable and editable digital copies. And if you are someone who needs to use Excel in tandem with PDF programs, then the PDFelement is perfect for you. You can extract form data from hundreds of identical forms and put them into a single Excel sheet within a few seconds. You can also transform PDFs into various other file types such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, JPEG, etc. with a single click.

Benefits of PRO version over Standard version

There are a few differences between the standard edition and the Pro version as far as features are concerned. The Pro version benefits from the OCR technology enabled editing features. It also allows you to batch process watermarks on your pages. Other features available only in the Pro version are PDF optimizer, advanced form creation, conversion of multilingual documents etc.

PDFelement 6 Pro easily integrates with several cloud storage services and other applications such as Microsoft Office Apps, HTML and even eBooks. If you’re stuck understanding how to perform certain editing functions, you can visit the official website for its tutorials and videos. Moreover, Wondershare is also known for its strong customer support.

System Requirements

  • OS – Windows 7,8.1,10 or Mac OS X 10.7
  • Processor – 1 GHz or more
  • RAM – 512 MB of RAM or more
  • Hard Disk Space – 500 MB or more

Final Verdict

PDFelement succeeds in several areas with its fluid UI and easy to use editing features. Not only is this PDF editing software extremely easy to use, it is also highly accurate. While certain small flaws such as tiny inconsistencies from using the OCR features do exist, the Pros of the software severely overweigh its Cons.

PDFelement download

You can download from Wondershare.com. If you’re looking for efficient, compact and refreshingly intuitive PDF editor, then PDFelement 6 Pro might be the right one for you.

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