World Emoji Day: Best Apps To Download, Breastfeeding, Zombie Emojis Announced By Apple

Emoji icons can add a little extra fun to any conversation, sometimes you just need a little emoticon that is simultaneously crying and smiling to get your feelings across. When it comes to choosing the best emojis out there it can be hard to decide which keyboards and apps to download.

You can go the classic route and use the emoji set that come with your Apple or Android device. Or you could branch out and download some apps to ensure you have the widest range of possible emojis at your fingertips.

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On Monday, Apple announced new emoji that were in the works and would soon be available on the devices. They include a sandwich emoji, a woman breastfeeding, a zombie and many more. But if those still aren’t enough emoji there are plenty of apps out there to expand your emoji possibilities.

Emojis originated in Japan and got their name from the Japanese words for “picture” and “character or letter.” They were invented by Shigetaku Kurita who was an engineer at a Japanese phone company in the late 1990s, reported Vice. The small pictograph images were made to help improve communication via cell phones with small low-quality screens, Kurita told Vice. The tiny images have come a long way since they were created of just small dots on a phone screen, not they’re more in depth and detailed to help facilitate communication even better.

The various apps out there all offer slight variations on your classic emojis and some even let you come up with personalized emojis.

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Bitmoji is a popular app that allows users to design avatars to look like them. Then in the app, the avatar is pictured doing certain activities or expressing some sort of emotion or feeling. Bitmoji can also be incorporated with Snapchat. If you use the Snap Map, or any of your friends do, you’ve likely seen their “Actionmoji” on the map. It’s available for free both in the App Store and on Google Play.


This app is only available on Google Play for Android devices but it’s one of the best reviewed emoji apps available. There are several versions but the “ Kika Keyboard – Cool Fonts, Emoji, Emoticon, GIF” version has the best reviews. It offers more than 3,000 emojis and GIFs to help supplement your conversations. The emoji keyboard pro is also a good option from Kika.


This app is available in the App Store for iPhone users. It suggests certain emojis based on the text the user types in “messages”, which can be especially helpful for those who have a hard time finding the emojis they want. It also offers definitions and explanations of the emojis.

These apps are free to download, it’s not necessary to spend any money to have emoji keyboard on your phone. But spending a little extra on the apps that cost a dollar or two could get you some very specialized emoji. Some celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Steph Curry and Charlie Sheen all have their own emoji apps that fans can download, but these sometimes come at a price.