WWE 2K23 Really Just Trolled Fans With Its John Cena Showcase Mode Ending

Fans and players of WWE 2K games alike can have the pleasure of beating John Cena 14 different times throughout the WWE 2K Showcase Mode this year. But those who grew up watching the man behind “Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect” remember the “Super Cena” Era. Given what happens once you complete the initial Showcase, it would seem then that the folks at 2K (and Cena himself) are in on the joke.

Once you’ve completed all 14 initial matches, players then get a crack at three more bonus contests — the first of which allows the player to choose between any of Cena’s previous opponents from the Showcase. They also make it seem like you have the option to choose somebody else entirely, but the game doesn’t allow you to proceed if you actually select that option.

What follows is quite the match, and remember, in the words of Michael Cole: “This is gonna be a classic.”

Video Source: 2K Sports via Twinfinite

Just like that, Super Cena has come back to get one more over on you. 2K then follows it up with a little message before allowing you to move on, marked by “LOLCENAWINS!!! GOT ‘EM!!!”

Super Cena WWE 2K23 Showcase
Image Source: 2K Sports via Twinfinite

So if you ever truly wondered what it was like to stand opposite of Super Cena in a WWE ring, there you have it. After this, he’ll deliver one of his trademark “Never give up” speeches before you get to move on.

WWE 2K23 releases everywhere on March 17, 2023, for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

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