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Xbox One, Oculus Rift Games: Streaming Coming Dec. 12

Back in June 2015, Microsoft announced its plans to have Xbox One games stream to the Oculus Rift. Though it’s taken quite sometime, Microsoft is finally allowing Oculus Rift owners to play Xbox One games starting Dec. 12. Oculus Rift owners will be able to stream their Xbox One library to Rift via the new Xbox One Streaming to Oculus Rift app, which includes games like Gears of War , Halo 5: Guardians and Forza Horizon 3 . Microsoft said in a press release that backward compatible Xbox 360 games, and more titles will be coming in 2017.

Microsoft is also supporting the Rift natively in Windows 10, which the company plans to ship its wireless controllers with the Rift in part of its partnership. Xbox chief Phil Spencer revealed the partnership with Oculus on stage at Oculus’ E3 press event in 2015. “We believe we’ll be able to create state of the art virtual reality experiences with the Oculus Rift on top of Windows,” said Spencer.

To streaming Xbox One games to Oculus Rift make sure to connect your Xbox One via your home network. Once connected, your console’s video output will be streamed to your Rift headset and projected onto a massive screen in your choice of one of three immersive VR environments: “Citadel,” “Retreat” and “Dome.”

Microsoft is moving forward with its long-rumored Project Scorpio, an enhanced version of the Xbox One that’s able to run 4K-native games, and will support virtual reality experiences. There’s no specific release date for Project Scorpio, but it’s expected to launch sometime next fall.


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