XikiHub: The Social Command Line


Brief: A new Linux project named XikiHub has been spotted on Kickstarter. It aims to add a social community feature right into the Linux command line.

Xikihub: A social command line tool

In 2014, Craig Muth developed an open source alternative shell called Xiki (executable wiki) which combined shell and GUI concepts and tried making the shell console more friendly and powerful. The selection was easier with arrow keys or with mouse clicks and there was the option to create menus to access other tools with ease. And, all of this was made possible for beginners with little to no knowledge about the command line.

You can watch the video to understand how Xiki works.

Introducing XikiHub: The Social Command Line

Now, Xiki is going a step further with XikiHub by adding a social element to commands.

XikiHub aims to be a social repository where you can discover thousands of examples and interfaces contributed from users all over the world. You can pick up the one you like, create your own and contribute it to the social repository. The idea behind XikiHub is to create a social platform where any Xiki user can share a command he/she created that can be picked up and used by any other user. It will include a quick install step that will provide the option to review before installing a command.

Maybe this video would explain the working of XikiHub in a better way:

Craig Muth has started a Kickstarter funding for XikiHub with a goal to accumulate $50,000 till Nov 10th. The money will be used to develop XikiHub along with Xiki, and a team will be hired to do this task more quickly.

If the funding campaign does good, the target release date for XikiHub will be late 2018. If the campaign is highly successful, the release will be targeted by mid-2018. Backers who contribute $25 or more will get a XikiHub account with full access to new features before it is released to end users.

The developer promises XikiHub platform will be open to everyone for free. This will be done in phases. The early access will only be available to the backers. In the next phase people can be invited by a user, and finally, it will be open for everyone. XikiHub will have thousands of interfaces and command examples developed by other users which are accessible right from your command line.

Does ‘a social repository of commands’ interests you? A place where you will find hundreds of commands contributed by people and shared across, saving your time to memorize commands. If yes, please support the project on Kickstarter:

XikiHub on Kickstarter