Your Samsung Galaxy S23 Can Now Enhance Photos With AI


Last year, Samsung quietly launched an experimental photo editing app called Galaxy Enhance-X. This AI-powered editor can take any photo and enhance its HDR effect, remove blur, get rid of shadows, and perform other advanced tasks. Now, Enhance-X is officially available for Galaxy S23-series devices.

Galaxy Enhance-X is a fairly straightforward editor. You select an effect (HDR Enhance, Fix Blur, Brighten, Sharpen) and adjust the intensity to your taste. A slider allows you to compare the original photo with your edited image, and once you’re done, you can save the edited image to your gallery.

And if that’s not enough for you, Galaxy Enhance-X contains a few extra (and somewhat specific) editing tools. You can remove reflections or shadows from images, turn a regular photo into a “Portrait Mode” image, or fix any lens distortion that may affect a picture (remember, you can import any picture into Enhance-X, even if they weren’t shot on your smartphone).









This new Enhance-X beta release (1.0.55) leverages the Galaxy S23 GPU with a more powerful AI (still, the app is a bit slow). I should clarify that last year’s Enhance-X release (1.0.35) was exclusively for Galaxy S22-series devices—Samsung is still working on bringing the latest Enhance-X release to the S22 lineup.

In my testing, I found that Enhance-X is quite effective. But the Samsung Gallery app’s built-in photo editor is still quite good, and notably, it’s a lot faster than Enhance-X. (I’ve also had Enhance-X crash on me twice. I assume it will get more reliable as it exits beta testing.)

If you own a Galaxy S23-series device, you can download the Galaxy Enhance-X beta app from the Galaxy Store (or APKMirror). Note that this app isn’t available through Google Play, and it does not come preinstalled on your device. Samsung says that the Galaxy S22 will gain access to this version of Enhance-X (1.0.55) at some point.

Source: Samsung via AndroidPolice