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Your Sonos Speakers Can Get Notifications From Your GE Appliances

A Sonos speaker in a kitchen setting.

Sonos speakers may have started life as premium whole-home audio solutions, but they’re getting smarter all the time. Take the latest update; if you have the right GE appliances, they can now communicate with your Sonos speakers. That’ll let you know when a dishwasher cycle is complete or your oven’s preheated.

For now, GE’s new functionality only applies to a few appliances. You’ll need a GEA-branded oven, cooktop, or refrigerator. But GE says it plans to expand the Sonos notifications to its full portfolio. If you have the right appliance and Sonos speakers, you won’t have to worry if your oven is ready anymore.

Sonos has slowly evolved into something closer to a smart speaker, including adding Alexa and Google Assistant functionality. Since the idea is to have many speakers across the house, getting a notification that the dishwasher finished in your basement will be helpful.

The update is rolling out now; you’ll just need to check for setup options in the GEA SmartHQ app for iOS or Android.

Source: GE via Engadget