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YouTube Channel Got Hacked? Here’s How to Get It Back


YouTube channels are getting hijacked nowadays and if your Google account and YouTube channel got hacked then stop panicking. YouTube has a bunch of features that you can use to tighten the security on your YouTube account. But if your channel still got hacked there are some things which you should take care of to get your precious channel back.

How to Report if your YouTube Channel Got Hacked

If your account got hijacked then you need to take care of a few things. You have to report it first. So here is a step by step guide to tell you how you can report the account hijack.

  1. Open a browser and go to the YouTube Support page.
  2. On that page, click on Get Support in the top right corner.
  3. Navigate to Get Creator Resources > Channel access issue and select Get help with a hijacked account.
  4. Then you need to follow the steps to recover your Google account and YouTube account.

Thes options or page will not be available for you if you use your other normal Google account. The Get Creator Resources option is only available to the creators not to the regular account. So you need to get help from a known creator to do it for you. Then fill the account hijack application form.

How to Keep Your Google Account Safe

Keeping your Google Account safe is pretty easy and Google has some features built into the account to keep your account safe. Let’s start from the more obvious things which you know about then we’ll move to the more advanced stuff which you might not have heard of.

Strong Password

First things first, you should be using a strong password on your Google account. Creating a strong password includes a bunch of things, you should create a password that couldn’t be guessed like your phone number, birth date, or anything like this.

Your password should be as random as possible, you can even choose a password phrase which is not even related to you at any point. The password should have a phrase with lower and upper case characters, some numbers, and a few special characters as well.

2-Step Verification

The 2-Step Verification feature is a really important thing to set up when creating an account on Google or any other service. This service lets you use another mode of confirmation to log int to your account.

Enable 2-Step Authentication on Google Account

In Google’s case, you can use your phone to receive a verification code to log into after entering your account password. This feature is really easy to set up on your Google account. You can use our guide to lead you through the 2-Step Authentication process.

Recovery Email Account

A recovery email account is one thing that we take for granted while making an online account. But you should make sure that the recovery account is working fine and has no issues accessing it. You should remember it properly because YouTube support will ask for that one thing when you will apply for account hi-jack.

Change Password Regularly

I know its hard to keep track if you change your password every few months but it’s a small inconvenience to stay protected. You should change the password of all your important accounts including Google Account.

Wrapping up

This is how you can apply for an account hijack application if your Google account or YouTube account got hijacked. For more its and tricks like this one, follow us on social media pages to stay updated.

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