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YouTube for Android tests showing a recommended Google Search result when searching in YouTube

Following the recent rollout of the new Bedtime Reminders feature in YouTube for Android, Google has now started testing a new feature that will show search results from the web within the app. The feature was recently spotted by Reddit user u/TheMrIggs when he searched “open beer with knife” in the YouTube app. As you can see in the screenshots below, the results listed a couple of related videos, as usual, followed by a new “Results from the web” card featuring a recommended result from Google Search for the same query.

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YouTube for Android Google Search recommendations 485x1024 1

In case you don’t find any useful results on YouTube or even in the new Search card, you also get the option to search for the same keyword on Google just by tapping on the link at the bottom of the card. As far as the utility of this new feature is concerned, we believe that Google is adding it to the YouTube app in order to help users easily find useful results from the web in case they don’t find appropriate results on YouTube.

While Google hasn’t released any information about this new feature yet, it appears to be rolling out for some users via a server-side update. We tried updating the YouTube app to the latest release and using the same keywords to trigger the feature but we weren’t able to replicate it on any of our devices. As of now, we have no information from Google regarding a broader rollout.

Source: Reddit