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YouTube Music finally lets free users download playlists containing uploaded music

YouTube Music is going to replace Google Play Music, but there are plenty of reasons why people have been holding onto Play Music. Namely, the fact that Play Music has a bunch of features that YouTube Music either implements pretty badly or straight up doesn’t have. But as the window for escaping the Google Play Music boat before it sinks is approaching, YouTube Music has been adding features constantly to bring it to feature parity with its predecessor. Recently, it got support for uploading your own music, but the implementation wasn’t quite the same as uploads in Google Play Music. Now, though, you can download uploaded songs contained in playlists if you’re a free user.

This change was first spotted by a Reddit user. So basically, how this works is that if you’re a free user and you have a playlist with uploaded songs on it, you’ll now be able to download the uploaded songs along with the whole playlist and play them offline, instead of being forced to individually download them. If you’re not a YouTube Music user you might think that this should be pretty basic functionality. And… well, it is. But as mentioned before, YouTube Music is working overtime to catch up to the functionality that Google Play Music had before they finally pull the plug on it.

In all seriousness, though, it is good to see new functionality as essential as this being added to the app, and as Google keeps refining the service, this will be just one change of many more to come. If you’ve been on the fence on whether to stay on Google Play Music or finally migrate to YouTube Music, now it’s as good of a time as ever, especially with the fact that the former is expected to be sunset by the end of the year.

Source: /r/YouTubeMusic