Zelda Style SciFi RPG Action Game Songbringer Released, Available for Linux

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Brief: Songbringer is Zelda inspired game with a Star Wars makeover. This pixel art RPG game is available for Linux and other platforms now.

Songbringer game for Linux released

You are an accidental hero and play the role of a protagonist in a sci-fi action-filled game with swords, dungeons, secrets, bosses and other stuff. Your name is Roq Epimetheos. You can make music and cruise the galaxy with a skybot Jib on board the ship, Songbringer, in search of verdant planets.

This is the plot of Songbringer, a sci-fi pixel art action game developed by Wizard Fu Games based in Oakland California. The game has been released on Linux (via Steam), Windows and XBox. A PlayStation version will be coming next week.

Songbringer was funded on Kickstarter in May 2015. It all started with a few simple live streams and later got a growing community of backers. The game has had many alpha releases to Steam with a beta version released in February 2016 on Steam.

Infinite possibilities in Songbringer Game

To progress in the game, the player needs to explore the world and discover new items that will enhance his abilities and give access to new areas. Some of the items in Songbringer can be combined – the fire cube when combined with the top-hat turns into a flaming top-hat.

In the process of the game, the player will encounter different types of enemies that include gigantic bosses. The many puzzles in the game keep it fresh and varied.

The unique feature here is that Songbringer is a procedural game. Which means that the world is automatically generated at the start of the game giving you a different world, different dungeons, different enemies, and bosses.

The players need to enter a six-letter world seed to generate a random world before starting a new adventure. This way it is possible to generate millions of world although the same seed will always generate the same world.

Get Songbringer game

The game can be played using Steam in Linux. You can get a DRM free version of Songbringer game on Humble Bundle.

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