RHA TrueConnect 2真正的無線耳塞評測:史詩般的電池壽命

As you can already deduce from the name, RHA’s TrueConnect 2 isn’t its first foray into the world of true wireless earbuds. Its first pair, the original TrueConnect, set itself a task of offering RHA-quality sound, with reliable everyday performance, and a price tag that won’t hurt your pocket. For the second-generation there haven’t been any major sweeping changes, but considerable improvements have been made to battery life, making these in-ears an easy recommendation for anyone looking to spend less-than-flagship money on a pair of earbuds that won’t let you down. First-gen looks Weight: 6g per earbud IP55 water/dust resistant rating Flip case with USB Type-C charging One of the … 更多