Moto E7 Power將於19月5000日發布—隨附XNUMXmAh電池和聯發科技SoC

Moto E系列智能手機是預算領域的熱門選擇,但它們已經在雷達下運轉了一段時間。 摩托羅拉重新燃起的決心看到了投資組合的大修,而Moto E7 Power旨在恢復部分失去的光澤。 那麼,我們可以期待什麼呢? Moto E7 Power將於19月7日在Flipkart上開始銷售。Moto E7 Power可能在Moto E7 Plus之下的插槽中。 Moto E7 Power似乎是進一步降低價格的罷工,同時仍然…… 更多

聯發科技發布Dimensity 720,這是另一款集成5G的中端SoC

MediaTek launched the Dimensity 1000, its first SoC in the 5G Dimensity SoC series, back in November 2019. The Dimensity 1000 in its original form interestingly hasn’t made its way to any shipping device yet, but the Dimensity 1000L—a lower binned version of the chip—did make its way to the Chinese OPPO Reno3. The Dimensity 1000’s announcement was followed by the announcements of the mid-range Dimensity 800 and the Dimensity 820 at CES 2020 and in May 2020 respectively, while the Dimensity 1000 received a refresh in the form of the 144Hz-supporting Dimensity 1000 Plus, which made its way into the iQOO Z1. Now, MediaTek has extended the Dimensity series … 更多