Apple TV 4K評測:一流的生態系統助力老化硬件

The Apple TV has been around in one form or another since 2007. The first Apple TV debuted as a physical, spinning 40GB hard drive that was tethered to an ancient version of iTunes. It wasn’t until much later that the Apple TV transformed into a legit streaming box. During that time, the industry became chock full of sticks, boxes, and other HDMI-enabled gear meant to get internet content streamed to your TV set. Here’s Android Authority’s Apple TV 4K review. Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority Apple TV 4K (32GB): $179/£179/€199/Rs. 17,430 Apple TV 4K (64GB): $199/£199/€219/Rs. 19,480 The Apple TV 4K has been around since 2017. Apple fans … 更多

如何在iPhone和iPad上使用Apple TV應用程序,以及提示和技巧

Apple TV應用程序旨在將您所有的電視都放在一個地方。 它是Apple TV +訂閱服務的所在地,但也可以播放其他流媒體合作夥伴(例如Prime TV和Disney +)的節目以及成千上萬部電影來購買或租借。 有精選的部分可幫助您根據在所有不同平台上觀看的內容髮現更多自己喜歡的內容,以及編輯者的選擇,可以從所有不同平台中選出最好的,並為您做好準備。 Apple TV應用程序可用於多種設備-不只是iPhone,iPad,Mac和Apple TV…… 更多

功能的替代品Apple TV遙控器具有實際按鈕

Apple’s Siri Remote is a work of art, but its funky trackpad and minimalist design aren’t for everyone. If you’d prefer to use a traditional remote with your Apple TV, then the new $30 Function Button Remote is worth a look. It’s available now and ships before the end of July. Function is the first company to sell a traditional 3rd party remote for the Apple TV. Unlike other replacement remotes, the Function Button Remote doesn’t have any wonky controls, and it doesn’t require any programming (I’m looking at you, universal remotes). You just take it out the box, synchronize it with your TV, and start streaming media. The Function … 更多