5 Uses Of Microsoft Print To PDF Feature In Windows 10


Microsoft Print to PDF is one of the lesser known features introduced with Windows 10. 该功能, 简而言之, enables you to save any document in Portable Document Format.

Microsoft Print to PDF in Windows 10

Following are the five ways of using Microsoft Print to PDF feature in Windows 10.

Save web pages in PDF

Most users bookmark pages when they stumble upon an interesting or useful piece of information on the web. Some users save webpages that have informative content as PDF files so that they can save it on their PCs and read offline as well.

With the Microsoft Print to PDF feature, saving webpages in PDF is easy. 请参阅我们的 how to save webpages as PDF in Windows 10 guide for directions.

Extract pages from PDF file

You don’t need to use third-party software in order to extract a page or two from a PDF file. You can use the Microsoft Print to PDF feature to extract pages from PDF files with ease. 请参阅我们的 how to extract pages from PDF without using third-party tools in Windows 10 guide for step-by-step directions.

Save scanned documents in PDF

If you often scan documents on your PC, you will love this feature as the built-in Windows Fax and Scan saves scanned documents in JPEG format by default and doesn’t support PDF. The Microsoft Print to PDF feature enables you to save scanned documents in PDF right from Windows Fax and Scan window.

Follow the directions in our how to save scanned documents in PDF 指南.

Convert pictures to PDF

When you have an image format that you would like to share with others, you might want to convert it to PDF format for compatibility reasons. Microsoft Print to PDF makes converting JPEG, PNG or pictures in other formats to PDF possible without the need of third-party software or online services.

Our detailed how to convert JPEG and PNG pictures to PDF in Windows 10 guide shows how to do that.

Save documents in PDF

PDF is the preferred format when it comes to saving and sharing important documents with others. While some document processing tools support saving in PDF, most won’t.

To save or convert any document to PDF, you can use Microsoft Print to PDF without installing additional software.

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