Azure Stack systems now ready to order from Dell EMC, HPE, and Lenovo

Microsoft today 公布 that they have delivered the first release version of Azure Stack to its partners. Microsoft’s partners like HPE, Lenovo and Dell EMC will ship their integrated systems with Azure Stack in September. Microsoft also mentioned that Huawei and Cisco will also launch their Azure Stack systems in the near future. In its first release, Azure Stack includes a core set of Azure services, DevOps tooling, and Azure Marketplace content. Azure Stack has two deployment options:

  • Azure Stack integrated systems – These are multi-server systems meant for production use, and are designed to get you up and running quickly. Depending upon your hardware preferences, you can choose integrated systems from Dell EMC, HPE, and Lenovo (with Cisco and Huawei following later). You can now explore these certified hardware solutions and order integrated systems by contacting our hardware partners. These systems come ready to run and offer consistent, end-to-end customer support no matter who you call. They will initially be available in 46 countries covering key markets across the world.
  • Azure Stack Development Kit (ASDK) – ASDK is a free single server deployment that’s designed for trial and proof of concept purposes. ASDK is available for web download 今天, and you can use it to prototype your applications. The portal, Azure services, DevOps tools, and Marketplace content are the same across this ASDK release and integrated systems, so applications built against the ASDK will work when deployed to a multi-server system.

Microsoft today also released pricing for the pay-as-you-use and capacity-based models today, you can use this information to plan your purchases. Find the pricing details 这里.



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