Zoom buying out Dropbox, launching email service to rival Gmail, Outlook?

Despite the several issues it had to handle, Zoom has become the go-to option for video conferencing needs in the post-pandemic era. However, according to the latest reports and rumors, Zoom wants to offer services beyond video calls and virtual meetings.

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Zoom iOS Facebook

Zoom expanding beyond video calling?

Zoom is reportedly planning to launch an email and calendar service soon. These services will be working hand in hand with the meeting app so that users can keep track of things under a single dashboard. More importantly, such a move will be Zoom’s first to counter the products and services from Microsoft and Google.

A rumor has it that Zoom also plans to buy Dropbox and Smartsheets. The statements are based on the predictions from RBC Capital Markets when talking about the future of Zoom.

According to reports, Zoom is likely to purchase Dropbox and Smartsheets to create a more centralized platform for enterprise-level collaboration. The same analysts say that the company will notice an improvement in revenue compared to working as a standalone firm. This is because Zoom could very well build the next best collaborative platform for all things business.

Currently, Zoom has limited its service to the video conferencing domain, which is, by the way, still successful in terms of revenue. More importantly, though, users have to depend on Microsoft and Google’s service suites to get their job done.

Understanding this, Zoom apps have introduced ample integration options to survive. Even then, if Zoom could build a network of collaborative tools — for file sharing, editing, in-team interaction, and email communication —, the network would amplify the possibilities of how people use Zoom on a regular day.

Meanwhile, Zoom has declined to comment on these speculations. Even so, considering the additional popularity and the revenue Zoom has gained in the past year, it’s clear that the company would be expanding its territory.

The same popularity factor makes sense to launch complementary services rather than focus on an entirely new area.

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